Candidate Profile: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and one of the leading candidates for the 2008 Republican primary. Romney is giving his candidacy another go, and many in the know believe that he may be the best person for the job during this struggling economy. Romney was a long time venture capitalist, and many believe that, because of his background, he would be well-suited for the nation during this budget and debt crisis.

Romney is a Mormon who has been married to his wife since 1969.  He has 5 sons and 16 grandchildren. When elected as governor of Massachusetts, the state was in monumental debt, losing jobs, and businesses were fleeing the state. In the span of 5 years, he was able to turn all that around and to leave the state with some savings.  Romney was also able to save the Salt Lake City Olympic Games from the brink of disaster after all of the issues that they presented.  This candidate is well-educated and has a good background to be President.

On social issues, Mitt Romney has become more and more conservative as politics has needed him to be.  He has always been fiscally conservative, but as the primary for any Presidential campaign has drawn near, Romney has shown himself to be more conservative.  A good example of this would be Romney’s change of heart about abortion and stem cell research in 2005–he changed his position after he had an epiphany while visiting a stem cell research plant.  His position is now that he believes that abortion is fundamentally the taking of human life.  Romney is the sort of candidate that changes his opinion based on what the people want, so it is difficult to know exactly what his core principles are.

Accept that he is fiscally conservative, that is the only thing about him that hasn’t changed.  Being a Latter-Day Saint is something to note about this candidate. People in the United States do have a lot of preconceived notions about a person who is Mormon. Most believe that his being Mormon will have an effect on his candidacy.  While I do believe that Romney has a lot of the business aspect that could help the country in this time of crisis, I really don’t know what he would do about everything else.  He changes his position so much about social issues I don’t know what to believe about him.

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