Your 2012 Republican Candidates… Buddy Roemer

Buddy Roemer used to be a mover and shaker in Washington DC.  He was a member of the House of Representatives from 1981-1988 for Louisiana‘s fourth district.  He left to run for governor of Louisiana and was governor from 1988-1992.  Roemer did something surprising though, March 11, 1991, Roemer switched parties and became a Republican.  This switch dismayed many voters.  He attempted to run again for governor in 1995 but lost.  Since this Roemer has spent most of his time in the financial world and living a private life.  Most of what I have read about him seems surprised that he has decided to run for president.  It’s hard-pressed to find much said about Roemer, or even his platform other than he is for campaign finance reform, and plans to limit campaign contributions to $100 per person.

Roemer’s website is the best place to find information about him.  His website is clean and well organized and has a section called “ask Buddy” where it looks as though my Roemer answers questions to the American people himself.  I find his views to actually be very balanced.  He’s pro-life, for clean air and water, closing tax loopholes, and bringing industry back to America.  Honestly, this candidate isn’t discussed much in the press but he’s one to really take a look at.  In this time in history, a practical president may be one we need.

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