Your 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates… Rick Perry

Rick Perry is considered by most to be one of the top contenders for the Republican nomination.  Why you may ask.  Perry is a three-term governor of Texas, a great place to start a career in politics, humble, and steadfast.  He is rigid in his beliefs but has been shown to work with others.  He’s a nationalist, a social and fiscally conservative and just what the “Regan Republicans” want, who have become disillusioned with the Tea Party.  The question is, can Perry win the election?  Perry seems to have the right people on his side and the right groups that he may be able to win the nomination, but can he catch fire enough to beat the sitting president?  Can Perry capture the independents and the disheartened Democrats?  I don’t think he can, because of his stances on gay marriage, abortion and things like this.  I honestly believe this country is looking for a fiscally conservative president who is morally liberal, and that really doesn’t exist with this two-party system.

Perry has a record in Texas that times like this need.  Forty percent of new jobs were created in Texas.  This fact alone could help him win the nomination in a time where unemployment is still an issue.  The things that we have to remember is that the way that Perry does this is by cutting taxes and cutting government programs.  Perry is also very conservative when it comes to gay marriage, abortion and other social issues like that.  Perry is what I would call the classic Republican.  He is a good candidate, but he doesn’t have the charisma that Romney or Bachmann has.

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