Your Republican Presidential Candidate… Tom Miller

Tom Miller is an unusual candidate.  Miller is a flight attendant and a single dad who was not groomed for the presidency.  Tom Miller sees that we are a nation of common people and he believes that America should have a common man with the common middle class idea in the White House.  Miller is registered as a Republican candidate, but on his website takes stab after stab at his party, in general.  I don’t know if he is registered as a Republican because there is a sitting president who is a Democrat or if he really is a Republican.  His budget proposal is very interesting, I am very surprised that as a Republican candidate that he would state clearly on his website that he would cut defence spending from $56 billion a year to $3 billion a year.  Although I didn’t read the detailed budget proposal.  His energy policy, if implemented would create so many environmental problems, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Pole, more oil refineries.  I wonder if he wants his child to grow up in a beautiful country or smoke and smog-filled one.  Miller believes in forcing politicians and state lawmakers to follow current illegal immigration laws and make the nation’s official language English.  Miller’s platform, while well thought out is naïve.  He also says that the majority of presidents have been teachers and farmers, we’ve had university presidents and tailors, and yes any president before 1850 was a plantation owner, but none of these men came from nowhere, they had money and connections.  So while yes he is right to say that anyone can be president, he still has to get his name out there somehow.

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