Your Republican Presidential Candidate… Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy Mcmillan is an exciting candidate and has a great beard.  He is a Vietnam war vet and believes Global Warming is something that “just happens every 15,000 years” and that rents are “Too Damn High.”  That is why Mcmillan founded the “Rent is Too Damn High” party and has attempted to run for Governor of New York and the New York Senate multiple times.  Mcmillan has been characterized as a joke in this race, considering that he has openly stated he is pro-same-sex marriage, the rights of transgendered people, and for government control of the housing market [he wants rents to be fixed at a low rate].  In a Republican race, none of these points of view makes any sense.  He openly stated that he ran for President as a Republican only because he didn’t want to face a sitting President in a primary.  Does Mcmillan have a chance?  He is a curiosity; he has his own rap song; Kenan Thompson portrays him on Saturday Night Live, but no, I don’t take this candidate seriously at all. His point of view does not coincide with even mainstream Republicans.  Let us enjoy the vocal renditions of Republican Candidate Jimmy Mcmillan.

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