Cain is not Clinton

Allegations of sexual misconduct with court documents are surfacing about Herman Cain. This could cost him the nomination. Why?  Because he’s not the most charismatic of the candidates.

This is similar to the 1992 election where Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones publicly came forward about their relationships with Bill Clinton. Nobody cared at the time.  Bill Clinton is a very charismatic man and was able to get past these allegations. He was able to unseat President George Bush.

Not the same with Herman Cain.

Mitt Romney can take this information and run with it. He could make Cain out to be the evilest man looking to be President. Republican candidates have to stand up to a different litmus test than Democratic candidates. They have to be more moral and more self-righteous. The candidate could admit their mistakes ahead of time and thank Jesus for his forgiveness. I’m sorry to say this, but unless Cain can find something worse on Mitt Romney, we will not see Cain’s name on the ballot.

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