Your 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate… Andy Martin

Andy Martin, who is this man?  According to 2012republicancandidates.org, this man has filed court actions on numerous elections, so many in fact that there are states that have injunctions on his filing court cases.  He has run for many political offices as well.  He has helped initiate hundreds of court cases and has filed over 250 himself.  His real claim to fame though is being “King of the Birthers,” you know those group of crazy people who were trying to discredit Obama, not for his politics but because they assume that he wasn’t born in America.  He is a very colourful character that I don’t know will be able to receive enough middle of the road support because of his wild antics and rumour spreading past.

While looking at Martin’s official website I couldn’t find much of anything.  Not a platform, not a list of things he would do if he were to get elected.  I find it interesting that even Wikipedia doesn’t mention this run for the presidency.  It’s as though he is just looking for money for his hate speech and this is how he does it, by running for office.  I really don’t see this man as a legitimate candidate for president.  There are definitely better choices out there from the bunch.

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