Cain’s new strategy: finger pointing

As the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal takes hold of the Republican campaign, Cain has a new strategy for fighting the allegations: blaming his fellow candidate Rick Perry for releasing the information to the media. Perry is saying that it wasn’t him and that it could have been Mitt Romney.

This new game of finger-pointing and the name and blame game is doing one thing: eating up precious media time and precious time in general. Normally, it is difficult to defeat a sitting President.  And Obama has not ingratiated himself to his base in the last 6 months.  The Republicans really have a shot at defeating President Obama if they can get their act together.  What this sex scandal is doing is turning people off from both the party and voting.  These sex scandals make the average person less involved in politics–not more. Obama has a large base that will never turn back on him. All these sex scandals and finger-pointing are doing are bringing the middle-of-the-road people into Obama’s waiting arms.

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