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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Being Removed

I have kind of avoided this topic because there are two very strong sides for it and whichever side I choose I will alienate someone. But let’s start with the facts:

According to Cory Kilgannon and Colin Moynihan of the New York Times, police are beginning to remove protesters from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. This park is considered the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Protesters have been told to move or face arrest.  The police want the park “cleared and restored” in the next few days.  The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to over thirty cities in the United States, and police want to clear the birthplace of the movement.  Protesters are saying this would only galvanize the movement and they are already finding new places to protest in the area.  I don’t think that minor police action will end the protests considering the protest has some strong backing by people with big ideas.  I think it will take a lot more from the New York Police before anything will happen.

Why I have been avoiding this topic?  While I do agree that rich people get a lot of breaks, lower taxes, and huge loopholes, the people in the Occupy Wall Street movement are looking for a redistribution of wealth–I don’t agree with that.  People work hard for their money or they inherit that money. But at some point, somebody worked hard for that money, and they deserve to keep it.  Granted, higher taxes on the rich, even 3-5% more would help the economy, but that’s not what the movement is after–they want the 1% to join the 99%. And that isn’t fair.  I wasn’t born rich, but I was born and raised in a country that I know if I work hard, or have a great idea, or marry rich, that I am able to join the 1%. It’s not impossible. And after living in a country where it is near impossible for people to work their way out or up, these people make me frustrated and angry.  We can start businesses and make our own work, write a book, write blogs. I know that these sound crazy, but in the United States, the crazy man can become a millionaire, and these people are sitting on their butts complaining.  I still believe in the American dream: that one day if I work hard enough I could join the 1%, and I am good with that.

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