What’s up with Ron Paul?

What’s up with Ron Paul?  Not four years ago, this guy was considered “out there” and fringe and many people, myself included, thought he was weird.  Now, though, he’s starting to make a lot of sense, and he’s making a lot of sense to a lot of people.

Am I disillusioned by Obama?  Yes. You see Obama and know that his campaign promised so much more.  He sold Hope, and while FDR sold Hope as well, he showed action in a big way. I know that FDR’s policies didn’t end the Great Depression, but they gave Hope.  All of his programs showed the government doing something.  FDR didn’t have the CNN effect to worry about, but I digress.

Ron Paul’s statements 4 years ago are now ringing all too true–and he makes a lot of sense.  His campaign isn’t filled with as much rhetoric as any of the other candidates because he backs himself up with facts and statistics that make a lot of sense.  If you look at the numbers, those who say they are voting for Ron Paul are sure about their decision. Considering that a lot of early primaries are in caucus states, I think this could make a great deal of difference when the nomination is finally announced.  But who knows? I think we should all keep our eyes on Ron Paul and see what happens next.

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