Candidate Profile: Fred Karger

If Fred Karger won the nomination, then the Presidency would have many firsts. He would be the first openly gay President and the first Jewish President.  Karger can never claim to not be about Washington or to be an outsider.  Because he is the ultimate insider, as a former lobbyist and consultant with the Dolphin Group he has worked on over thirty federal and lower-level elections, most notably Reagan and Bush I.  Karger knows how the system runs. While a life long Republican. he is technically running as an Independent because as an insider, he knows that running as a Republican, an openly gay candidate could be a disaster.  This has already been shown when Fox News locked him out of the California Republican primary debate, saying he didn’t have high enough poll numbers but allowed Rick Santorum in who had lower numbers than he did.  Karger’s candidacy is seen by some as a way to highlight gay issues in America.  He calls himself the anti-Romney.  The spat seemed to begin when Romney wouldn’t join Karger in condemning the Latter Day Saints’ opposition to same-sex marriage and their support of the Marriage Protection Act.

Karger’s policy positions are pretty on point for what we need this day and age.  Keep jobs in the United States, have education both inside and outside the classroom, don’t nation-build, get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, defend Israel, and promote alternative energy–he also believes in lowering the voting age.  Now, this also makes him different and makes me wonder why this guy is running or associating himself with Republicans at all:  he believes in gay equality, gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose, and the legalization and taxation of marijuana.

This man sounds like a great Democrat. But Republican? I don’t think so.  I do find it funny he posted his birth certificate on his website.

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