Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson

Today’s candidate we are looking at is Gary Johnson.  Johnson is another one of these candidates that I see as Democrats in Republican clothing. Either these men don’t want to face a sitting President who is without question one of the greatest orators of the 20th century or their views have changed to become more Libertarian. Whatever the case, I do see this transition as something that can only be good for the Republican party. But I don’t see this as having a big effect in this election.

Johnson is a former two-term governor of New Mexico with a lot of gains and successes for his state. He cut a lot of costs and waste in the New Mexico budget. He is more willing to cut costs than raise taxes–a fiscal conservative, and this is something that the people are looking for.  A social Libertarian with fiscal conservative traits.

When you go to Gary Johnson’s homepage, he is very clear about what he wants to do: bring home the troops, strengthen the country’s defence, present a balanced budget, and veto anything that doesn’t go with that budget.  He wants to end the “assault on privacy,” by allowing the Patriot Act to expire and believes the government should be neutral on personal beliefs, meaning that abortion and gay marriage are OK by him.  He believes the Internet shouldn’t be regulated and that offline and online crime should be treated identically.

His website is very interesting and engaging and very easy to read.  There is no confusion on his point of view and I do find this candidate one to take a look at.  He is one of the candidates that are underplayed, maybe due to funding, and I hope that people take a second look at him before voting.

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