Candidate Profile: Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman is a candidate I heard of on the fringes a few months ago, mostly because my guy friends think that his daughters are “hot.”  This is a candidate that has the respect of the right and the left and seems to be the perfect candidate.  He has no skeletons in his closet, unlike another candidate… cough cough Cain, and has been able to show leadership as a governor and as an ambassador.  The man-made his money, because you can’t run for president or raise seven children without some, running a chemical empire.  What is also of note is that Huntsman speaks fluent Mandarin, and in this day in age with the political climate we have, this is an important skill for a chief executive to have.  Huntsman is a politician through and through and you can tell by his website, very flashy with little substance and focuses on issues that everyone seems to agree on already and doesn’t look at the social issues that will be the make or break point for the average American.  I know that it is sad to say but most Americans care about your religion, beliefs on abortion, and your feelings on immigration, more than they care about your financial plan.  Huntsman’s financial plan seems sound, but as we all know a president can ask for one thing and Congress can stick up their middle finger at you.  I almost see Huntsman as the Republican Obama and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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