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Can you still have OWS without Occupying Wall Street?

In New York Zuccotti Park is nearly empty.  After the 1 AM raid on November 15th the protesters were moved out and now the park is just like any other public park in New York, must be empty at dark.  Here is a question, Can Occupy Wall Street exists, when we aren’t occupying Wall Street?  It’s a question that begs being asked considering that OWS has spawned many similar movements all over the United States and some international rustlings.  What does this mean for the movement?  Is OWS a flash in the pan that will fade and be destroyed due to the forces around it.  As you have read in my previous articles, I don’t give much credit to OWS, because I honestly don’t believe that most people understand what they are fighting with and what they are fighting for.  The economic crisis sucks, banks received bailouts, yes I get all of this and how most of it wasn’t fair and really sucks for the average American, but I don’t understand how class warfare is going to fix all of this.  Here’s the thing, OWS has received over $400,000 in the last two month in donations, so they are a political force to be reckoned with.  OWS isn’t going away, it has to change, and I am interested to see how they do it

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