Herman Cain suspends campaign

Herman Cain has “suspended” his campaign due to the strain all these sexual allegations have had on his family.  This would also include a 13-year affair! 

Herman Cain denies all these allegations but has decided to pull back to take care of his family. How does one put this gently? Shouldn’t you have been thinking about your family when you decided to run for office with all these skeletons in your closet?  

It would be like Tiger Woods running for President. I know that he is denying all these allegations, but then where are all these women coming from?  Thin air?  The court cases? It’s just all too suspicious and Cain knows it.

Suspending his campaign means that he can still raise funds and re-enter the race whenever he feels like it, but most feel that he is waiting to throw his support, and his loyal backers, to whichever candidate seems like a winner and then will withdraw. Who knows?  All I know is that Cain made things fun.  I wonder what the next scandal will be?

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