Candidate Profile: Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is now more interesting to write about after the Herman Cain debacle. I find it funny how Cain was pushed out of the race due to his sexual past and Gingrich is now being embraced as the new lead candidate even though his past is far from clean. I mean, leaving your first wife of 20 years when she is dying of cancer is never a good thing.  Gingrich was once the golden boy for the Republican party; in the early 1990s, he helped write the “Contract with America,” and wrestle control of the House and Senate away from the Democrats in 1995.  This man, though, is very abrasive and his style of politics led to his resigning as Speaker of the House and his descent into lobbying and writing historical fiction.  He is great with the spoken word and debate of Gingrich versus Obama would definitely be fun to watch.

Gingrich’s website asks you to “help with the 21st century’s Contract with America,” hearkening back to his glory days.  All of Gingrich’s ideas are standard Republican.  This is what many people worry about: he would move with the changing wind.  Nobody likes that.  I’m sure you can tell I am not the biggest Gingrich supporter.  Considering how brash he is, I feel as though we would have 4 years of nothing getting done. And he is supposed to be the closest thing we have to a Catholic running for the White House?  It doesn’t seem right.  Honestly, I cannot see any way of Gingrich winning if anyone in the United States has a memory whatsoever.

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