Does Ron Paul really have a shot?

This is a question that is on many a political commentator’s minds.  Ron Paul the pro-life Libertarian in Republican clothing seems to have a huge following and this is surprising many Republicans, considering how much the media is pushing Gingrich now. Could he do it?  Could he actually take the nomination?

Well, the political commentator says, he has a decent shot.  We all know, painfully, that during a normal election cycle that whoever has the biggest bank account or whoever has supporters with the biggest bank accounts will take the nomination. Frankly, this seems to be an unusual election.

As Time says, the person of the year is “the Protester.” These people have been making their mark all over the world, but what does this mean for the US election? People aren’t happy with “Government As Usual” and they aren’t happy with how the politicians are treating things.  The truth is that Obama has done a lot of good for the people, but most of them don’t see it on the street. And their friend just got laid off.  People feel that governments, not just in the US, have gotten too big and too powerful and the people want to take the government back. This is what Ron Paul offers, a person who wants less government intrusion into a person’s life, a smaller government, and a tax code that seems to make a lot of sense.  Could this be a case of idealism? Of course.  Could this work? Not when laws are created by Congress and not the President.  Could Paul get the nomination? That remains to be seen.

Let’s look at the top three contenders: In my opinion, it’s between, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.  Romney is slick and has a lot of cash, could give Obama a run for his money in a general election, but will never win the nomination because the South will never vote for him.  Gingrich has become the new political darling and would be fun to see debating Obama, but this would become a question of ethics, flip-flopping, and marital scandals, I REALLY HOPE this pairing doesn’t happen; if it does, Obama will crush him, plain and simple, because Gingrich will not win the undecideds and the Libertarians.  Ron Paul has the issue that the Republican party doesn’t take him seriously. He doesn’t get the commercial and face time that other candidates do.  His winning the nomination is a big question, but I think that Paul has the best chance at defeating Obama because he can grab the disheartened voters better than Romney or Gingrich.  But as the original question stands, can Paul win the nomination? It’s possible.

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