Iowa Caucus

I think this may just be me, but I sometimes like to imagine a political race like watching American Gladiators, especially “The Eliminator,” and see how they survive.  Herman Cain could not defeat the “sex scandal” obstacle and it seems as though Michele Bachmann has hit the “popularity snag.” And Mr Gingrich may lose the hike over “morality mountain.”

We look at the top three contenders from the Iowa caucus: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.  Now Romney technically won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes.  In the sports world, that’s a photo finish. But in a political primary, that means absolutely nothing, considering that Romney and Santorum each held roughly 24.6% of the vote and Paul held about 21% of the vote.  The Republicans were hoping that the Iowa caucus would give a better indication of who would be the candidate to defeat Obama, or at least who would be the “anti-Romney” candidate. But now the party is more disjointed than ever. Will we see more trash talk and villainy pulled out of these candidates with average citizens having to pick from the best of backstabbers and cheats?

Most Democrats I know see the Republican race as a melodrama being played out on national television for their entertainment. And it is: because the party will not be strong enough to defeat Obama if they can’t get in order. On to New Hampshire. Bring a towel though to wipe your face from all the mud these candidates will be slinging at each other.

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