An important question for the Republican Party

After seeing the ridiculously close returns for the Iowa Caucus and now moving into the New Hampshire primary, my question for Republicans is this: Will you support a candidate that you only kind of like?

This is a primary race where the person at the top of the list is not a desirable contender for President.  It’s strange–so many people are looking for the “anti- Romney” candidate, and yet how is he leading all these polls? If he is so different, so much against the Republican grain, why is it that people, large numbers of them, are supporting him? What about someone like Paul or Santorum?  What if either of these gentlemen is able to take the top spot?  Most political analysts know that South Carolina is one of the major states for Republicans, so those results will be very important.

A question that Republicans need to ask themselves whether or not the party can rally behind a Romney or a Paul. Or will a third party candidate show up?  And if that happens, how can you expect to compete?  A Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul can catch voters that are disheartened by President Barack Obama–Rick Santorum, not so much. Republicans, get your heads out of your butts and realize that with a Romney or a Paul, you may have a shot at winning! Without them, however, I see the doom of a third party and a victory for Obama.

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