The Hail Mary Pass into New Hampshire…

New Hampshire, first in the nation to vote for a potential candidate.  What?  Is that statement off to you considering that Iowa was so important?  Remember Iowa was a Caucus, a collection of people from the party stating which candidate they like the best.  Imagine picking teams for kickball in grade school, and then imagine that you had millions of dollars and annoying television adds playing behind you.  New Hampshire is a primary.  A primary is where you actually vote and cast a secret ballot.  You don’t have the embarrassment of your friends knowing which guy you support.  Now, why is New Hampshire a “hail mary” pass for some of these candidates?  Many of these candidates, Gingrich and Huntsman as examples, were only able to pull single-digit numbers in Iowa.  Not good at all, and if they are not able to pull double-digit numbers at least in New Hampshire it shows their campaigns to be ineffective and that their support should go to another candidate.  Hopefully, after New Hampshire, we will have two or three Republican Candidates and the party can start solidifying if not there is no way that the party can get themselves back together in time to beat Obama in the general election.

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