These candidates are going crazy

I know that is quite the blanket statement, but that’s the best way to describe what’s going on at the New Hampshire primary.  Just reading the comments that Gingrich, especially, has been making about Romney, there is no way in hell that Gingrich will ever win as a Republican.  Republicans are about the free market economy, survival of the fittest, and everyone has an equal ability to become rich.  Gingrich is making comments that better belong on an Occupy Wall Street poster.  There is no way that, if Gingrich’s comments do help him, he will make it past South Carolina.  He is feeding into popular support and is showing that he has no backbone as a candidate.  Rick Santorum, on the other hand, clearly stated his support for the free market and has not been playing into the game of “Bash Mitt Romney.”  While these men are playing out the New Hampshire primaries like the movie Mean Girls, what will happen to the Republican party and the election? It’s only eleven months away.

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