New Hampshire, the first primary

The New Hampshire Primary is the first Primary that these candidates had to face.  Remember as I have stated in a previous post, a caucus is a collection of those who hold the same political beliefs who then choose among the candidates.  More in a town meeting type format.  A Primary is when there is an actual election.  According to 2012newhampshireprimary.com Mitt Romney won with 39.3% of the vote giving him 5 delegates at the convention, Ron Paul took second with 22.9% of the vote receiving 3 delegates, and Huntsman received 16.9% of the vote receiving 2 delegates.  Now a few, such as myself wonder if all of the negative press by Santorum and Gingrich actually hurt their chances because both only received 9.4% of the vote.  The major players in this election, although the media do not like to admit it, are Romney and Paul.  Both who stand by their principles and who do not sway towards popular opinion just because they think it will get them elected.  This proves this model wrong.  I am looking forward to South Carolina, that is an important state for Republicans.  I want to see what will happen next.

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