On to Florida

The next primary is in Florida. The question is, will Gingrich continue his rise?  I apologize, readers, that I have not kept myself abreast of the political situation for the last few days; I know that politics are crazy and volatile and change minute-by-minute.

Gingrich was able to pull a sweeping upset on Romney in South Carolina and many wonders if this will continue.  The man who has had 3 wives is trying to speak as a religious conservative value voter. I don’t buy that with a 3 dollar bill.  I guess you can see that I have a detest for flip-flopping, adulterous jerks who have been fined $300,000 for ethics violations. Gingrich is playing himself off as a hero, an avenger who can talk the talk.  He is doing exactly what Obama did–playing off of rhetoric. But will he win the same way Obama did?  Obama was virtually an unknown entity who rose to power. Gingrich has had a stormy political career along with stormy love life.  What will actually win?

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