Is Ron Paul in for the long haul?

I have had this discussion, or similar discussions, with a few people in my social circle.  This discussion, of course, comes from people who doubt Ron Paul‘s electability. But do you believe that Ron Paul is in this race to win? Or is he in this race to make a statement about the state of political affairs in the United States?

Ron Paul is an older gentleman who has a very brash way of speaking and of acting.  He has ideas that are against the mainstream of both the Republican and Democratic parties.  He doesn’t compute as a candidate for either party and I think that is his point at times. He isn’t as much of a politician as others. He sticks to his guns and believes what he believes in.  And, at times, he has been proven right.  Now, Paul isn’t a media darling because he isn’t paying to be one.  The party still doesn’t see him as electable so they aren’t throwing their money behind him. Haven’t you noticed whoever is the “front-runner” will receive a whole bunch of extra TV time? Political TV shows have advertisers and things of those nature.  Paul’s base is not going to be following election coverage on Fox News, so why would he be advertising there?

I believe this debate seems reasonable to people because Paul doesn’t seem to be an electable candidate.  He doesn’t fit the mould of candidates that we are used to.  Paul isn’t telling us that he is going to give us X, Y, and Z and that everything will be better.  On the contrary, he wants to take away things: take away government programs to give us more liberty.  Do I think Paul is in it to win it? Yes, I do.

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