2012 Elections

Vegas Baby!!! WOO HOO!

OK fine I know that a political caucus is not as exciting as The Hangover although it would be hilarious if Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum went out for a night on the town in that fashion.  The next political contest in this never-ending soap opera for the Republican party is in Nevada.  Now causes and primaries are two different animals with two different types of voters.  I see Nevada being very good for Romney and Paul and not so good for Gingrich.  Paul is able to capitalize people who are very passionate and willing to speak their minds.  In casus formats candidates need people like that who are willing to get on a pulpit and speak for their candidate and his position.  Gingrich has been his own bully pulpit and he is going into a state where his style of politics I don’t think will take the day.  Romney has the Mormon factor.  People like to vote for those who look like them and believe like them.  I think that his background will resonate with voters in Nevada, since Nevada is more than just Vegas.  I was on the Yahoo elections page looking at new articles and saw their front page.  It had pictures of all the candidates with their photos grayed out as the candidate dropped out of the race.  As in Big Brother or some other reality show, and that made me think.  Is that what this race as turned into?  A reality show where the winner or looser isn’t the candidate but the American people.

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