What happened to the economy, stupid?

I am getting tired of this.  One social issue that everyone can sink their teeth into hits the media landscape and people lose their focus! They forget about the fact that this election should be about the economy.  This election isn’t about birth control and marital infidelity and who grabbed whose ass–although I have written about that, too.  This election needs to be focused on the people of the United States.  The economy seems to be slightly improving overall and, yet, when you talk to the person on the street, they aren’t seeing it.  I know that the numbers can easily be skewed because of one thing or another.  Why is it that publications, and now the candidates, are forgetting that fact that it is about the economy? I wish that news publications would remember the 13 million people who are out of work, looking, hoping, and praying.  But no, we are worried about gay marriage, contraceptives, and abortion.  I’m sorry, but, for me, as Bill Clinton said,  it’s about the economy, stupid.

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