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What is the government’s responsibility?

Now being called “The Sexy Politico,” you may believe that my sexual morals are, how do you say it not of the highest repute.  Not so.  I believe that the government has no right to tell two consenting people who are over the age of 18 what they can do behind closed doors or on their personal property.  Now with that said I believe that sex is something that is sacred and should only be shared with somebody you care about.  Now on to the Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke thing.  Sandra Fluke testified in front of a Democratic Senate board about why contraceptives should be provided by insurance.  She stated the reasons that most Democrats state, birth control helps with other illnesses, that it saves the government money in the long run not having to pay for babies that aren’t taken care of things of this notion.  Limbaugh on his radio program called her a prostitute and further went to say that those using government insurance for birth control should tape the sex so the tax payers could watch.  Now Limbaugh made to most fake public apology I have ever heard in my life, mostly because he was losing advertisers, and he’s a huge jerk, but he raises I think a better question, what is the government’s responsibility in this case?  Better way of stating this than calling women sluts.  Now should the government, which is providing health insurance, provide insurance for non-health related thing.  Now at this point, I am referring to birth control in its use of controlling birth, if used for any other reason I believe it should be covered without question.  Sex is a choice that we make, men and women alike.  I just find it funny when I hear people say, “don’t let the government legislate my bedroom” and yet this is what they are doing.  You are legislating what goes on in the bedroom.  Do I have the right to have sex with any consenting man I choose, yes absolutely, but I don’t want my sexual practices to go on the news or in the blogosphere.  Rather the responsibility should be placed on both the man and the woman.  Rather than putting everything on a magic pill for women, let’s have men and women who have sex, have to talk to each other first to figure out how they want to prevent pregnancy.  Maybe this would help stop the culture of the “hook up” and bring us to a place where men and women know each other before they have sex.

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