Election Year Smoke Screen

I am getting frustrated with this election year.  Birth Control has become a major hot-button issue due to Obama‘s health person, I know she has a title but I don’t feel like looking it up, requiring religious institutions that have multi-faith employees to provide insurance for birth control, and then Obama creating a loop-hole for it.  This thing has turned the entire country against women who choose to control when they get pregnant.  

It seems to me that these Republican men mostly are making all these women out to be sluts, who can’t keep their legs together.  Quite frankly you should be asking who they are screwing because it takes two to tango.

Now we can get into the fact that birth control helps with many other illnesses, and not just for pregnancy prevention, but that’s not the point.  The point is that women are being singled out in this debate as being something dirty and bad because they are sexually active.  I find that appalling.  I thought the birth control debate in government was over in the 1970s.  Now the state of Arizona is trying to pass a law that allows employers to not cover birth control unless it is proven, with documentation, that it’s for a medical reason, and allows employers to fire women who choose to take the pill for pregnancy prevention.    

This is an outrage, an absolute outrage.  The blatant attack on privacy is an outrage, we have a right to not have to share our medical histories with our employers unless it interferes with the job, and birth control interferes with no job.  I am outraged that election-year politics have turned into a moral fight against women and their right to private life.

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