Thank goodness not all Republicans have drunk the Kool-Aid

I am so grateful to actually see that not all Republicans in this country have drunk the Kool-Aid of the ultra-crazy conservative Santorum.  Seriously, I am near my return date to the United States, and I was getting scared about the way that my rights, as a woman, were being thrown around like political trash.

Romney made a clean sweep of all the primaries on Tuesday–that would be Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington DC.  Many, including Obama, are considering Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican candidate; Obama’s team have already started airing anti-Romney television ads.  Santorum still is fighting, gearing up for primaries in Texas and Pennsylvania.

What does this mean for us, as regular people? What this means is that there still isn’t a united Republican party. Romney isn’t getting over 50% of the votes in any state.  This also means that Obama will have a far easier time winning reelection because there isn’t a strong base going after him.  The conservatives are split–a lot.  The Tea Party, who many had thought died, is still causing waves, mainly in the form of Santorum. Santorum is the Tea Party’s darling ultra-conservative, shoot-his-mouth-off candidate.  I am almost glad the Republicans can’t get themselves together because, with the field of Republican candidates, I don’t see a real winner here.

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