What is a Republican?

I have learned a few things about myself since these debates about women’s issues have come to light. One that being I had no idea how “misogyny” was spelt.

Here is the thing: some don’t see it, but there is definitely a moral battle going on within the Republican party.  The Republican party crumbled after the stunning defeat and stupidity of choosing Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate.  The Tea Party came in to fill a void of Republican Leadership and backbone, but when the proverbial shit hit the fan (the budget crisis) the average person found no humour or support for the Tea Party’s strong backbone. It was during this time that the Republican Party should have been kicking major political butt–they aren’t because the party never reformed under any core beliefs.  The Bush Doctrine is a no go, Reaganomics now seems as nostalgic as It’s a Wonderful Life, and the Tea Party has taken a major blow.

The question is now, what is a Republican?  The two-party system doesn’t allow for a third candidate to have his/her voice heard easily, so to receive the funding necessary to become President, one must fall into two neat camps, Republican or Democrat.  The truth to getting elected though is to appeal to the base as much as possible during the primaries, and then move to the middle during the general election.  Who’s the Republican Base?  NASCAR Dads?  Homemakers?  KKK Members?  Christians?  Atheists, who hate government intervention?  The answer is all of the above–though not in a neat package.  That’s the problem with the Republican party, it has come to be a catch-all party for everything that is “not a Democrat” or “not Obama” but that isn’t the traditional Republican base.   This sort of campaigning that is focusing on morality and basically having a spitting contest to see who is the most moral is turning people away and into the arms of the party that believes in, well they have problems too, just not as big as the Republicans.

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