Santorum’s departure

Rick Santorum has left the Presidential primary race.  I am so grateful for that. I am very sorry for the reason he left, though. I would have preferred that he had left due to some sort of political reason–mainly people realizing that he is crazy and not voting for him.

My prayers do go out to his daughter.

What does this mean for the Republican party?  If you noticed, in the reports, Santorum conceded by calling Mitt Romney.  This is an unofficial sign of either his support or his belief that Romney is the best chance for the Republicans to beat the President or he is showing his support.  Either way, there is no time.  Time for the Republican party to rally and unify under one candidate. Can this be done? Or will Gingrich or Paul rally more support? It has seemed since the beginning that there have been Republicans trying to find the “anti-Romney.” Is there still time?  Or is the “anti-Romney” leaving the race now?  I hope that this race now becomes about issues and the economy, but I fear that this race is going to become about religion, considering that the three left standing are a Mormon, a Catholic, and a Protestant. And, no, I don’t see them all going into a bar together.  I am hoping for the best, preparing for the strange.

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