Where has this election gone?

I am seriously confused. Are we having a Presidential election or trying to start another cultural revolution?  If we are trying to start a cultural revolution, then why are we doing it with hate and propaganda?  Look, this race has gotten so crazy now that people are talking about how President Obama ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia and making a big deal out of it.  The Democrats are doing the same, talking about how Romney left a dog carrier on the top of his car.

If I am going to pick the worse of two character traits, a grown man forgetting about his dog on the roof is way worse than a child eating dog meat.  But I digress, this race has turned into a clash of ideas:  single mothers vs working mothers vs stay at home mothers, birth control, abortion, race and I am sure at some point religion and same-sex issues will come up.  Why is it that these politicians cannot talk about the thing voters want to hear about: the economy, jobs, fixing our future?  This election has seriously gone to the dogs.

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