Should we be talking Vice Presidents Yet?

So in this presidential race, that John Stewart has so wonderfully coined “Endless Suffrage,” we are already hearing talk about Vice Presidential candidates.  Especially on the Republican side.  

Obama will probably stick with Biden, but as history has shown, that’s not a definite yet.  We are hearing some pretty big names come out of the woodwork, names such as Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush,  Nikki Haley, Tim Pawlenty, Condoleezza Rice, and Herman Cain and it seems that the only one in that group of big names that would be interested is Cain.  

As we remember Cain was forced to end his presidential dream when multiple sex scandals broke into the mainstream news.  I am wondering if this show of disinterest is a sign that the Republican party isn’t willing to back Romney or if this is the normal grandstanding that comes when a possible candidate doesn’t want to tell the public that they want something.  I think this is an important question one should be asking before the convention

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