Bill Cosby on “stand your ground”

While searching the internet today about my favorite comedian, Bill Cosby, I found something more interesting than his show in Iowa. An article by the Christian Science Monitor Bill Cosby says Trayvon Martin case is about Gun Ownership, not race.  I found this article intriguing because most of the news one hears about the Trayvon Martin case is about George Zimmerman being a racist and shooting an unarmed Trayvon Martin.  Cosby finds the better question is about gun ownership laws, this “Stand your Ground Laws.”  These laws give you the freedom to protect yourself or your property from intruders and those who are trying to harm you.  And, at least in Florida, gives you the right to use deadly force.  Cosby asks the better question in my opinion, who taught people that it was ok to shoot someone.  I am a teacher, and we teach kids to “walk away” in a fight and to get help.  Are we saying that if two people get into a fist fight that someone could just pull a gun out and shoot them, and then they don’t face prosecution?  I am not against gun ownership, what I am for is smart gun ownership, and smarter laws.  Deadly force should always be the last resort.  If you shoot somebody in the leg who is trying to steal something from you or trying to hurt you, that is what I believe a “Stand Your Ground Law” is for.  You were protecting yourself and your property, but killing someone, I think we need to think long and hard about justifiable homicide laws.  If you have an opinion or research either in support or against my argument please comment.

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