2012 Election

Romney is trying to fire up his base

In 2008, many marveled at Obama’s use of speeches and social media to fire up his base and, in the end, to win the Presidency.  McCain was outwitted and outmatched in the way Obama and his supporters used Facebook and Twitter to inform and educate the young voter about the future policies of the Obama administration.  Now, Mitt Romney is looking to do the same thing.  He is looking to fire up his base, and is trying to throw the promises of Obama back in the faces of the voters.  As Obama supporters try to be negative, we hear of guerrilla-like political tactics coming from the Romney camp as they try to drown out the voices of those who would say anything negative about him.  While Romney’s attempt to make an iPhone app has been a bit comical, he is taking the lead of younger politicians and younger voters.  Romney is making sure that his message is being heard.  Will the Obama people stop playing negative?  I hope so.  The problem is, in politics, negative works. Especially with the uninformed voter.  I am curious to see what the summer brings in this election.

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