Will “business as usual” work for Romney?

In a normal campaign, a candidate will work the extremes of the party, the core base, and then work their way back towards the center as it becomes closer and closer to election time.  Will this work for Romney?  Considering that he is already feared by most conservatives for being too liberal–he is the father of universal healthcare in Massachusetts–I don’t know if he can.  Romney has to keep his base in check, because they are the ones who write the checks.  He has to convince these same people that he will keep his campaign promises to “approve the Keystone XL pipeline that President Obama stopped, cut taxes, change the tax code, begin the process to end Obama’s health care law, lower the deficit, tell China to trade fairly, and remove regulations he says hamper job growth,” as he himself stated on ABC. I wonder if he really could do that, no matter how hard he tried.  He doesn’t really have anyone backing him up.  A good portion of his party doesn’t trust him. He has gone back and forth so many times on his positions that I just think that even if he does win, he will end up being ineffective.

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