Are Independents really the wild card in this race?

Ever since the 2000 election, political pundits have been keeping their eyes on the independents. My question is, does that hold true for this election?  In an election where everything seems to be upside down and the Republicans went through front-running candidates like teenagers go through a pack of gum, I really wonder if we should be looking at the Republican party itself.  I don’t know if Republicans are going to vote for Mitt just because he isn’t Obama.  I seriously do not believe this.  I see either a third candidate, or a low voter turn out.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe people are just that pissed off, but when you spend the primary cycle looking for an, “anyone but Mitt” candidate, not it seems like the Republicans are voting for, “at least he’s not Obama.”  Doesn’t seem to be a great way to run the country.

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