Wimpy Senators in an election year

According to The Hill, seven major Senators have come out against the Democratic party position to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year.  Their statement is that, during a recession, raising anyone’s taxes would be irresponsible and that if there is a tax increase, it should come with a complete overhaul on the tax code.  That would then put more confidence in the private sector.

Ok, all well and good, but there are a few things we should look at: This is an election year, and most of these Senators are up for reelection. Wealthy people, who benefit from the Bush-era tax cuts, finance campaigns.  The truth is, the US tax code does need an overhaul, a complete overhaul.  Why is our tax code so complicated when the idea is that each person should pay their fair share for defense, healthcare, and other things of that nature?  And that the percentage paid should be proportional to your income?  That doesn’t seem too difficult.

In this recession we hear so many “ideas” about jump starting the economy. But because one or two people believe that it won’t work, there isn’t action.  What we need to do as a country is make the tough choices, raise taxes on imports, encourage manufacturing in the United States, lower the minimum wage, and lower prices in general. People  need to figure out what they need in this world.

I have been living in Bulgaria for the last two years.  Bulgaria isn’t a rich country, but they weren’t hit by this recession as hard because:  home ownership is at 97% (that’s not an exaggeration) and most people grow their own vegetables.  Even if everyone loses their job, they have a house and they have food.  I know that US society isn’t the same as Bulgarian society, but maybe Senators should be willing to make the tough choices, and not the easy choices, and Americans should be encouraged to be more self-sufficient.  We don’t need more Senators out for big business, we need Senators willing to work for the good of the American people.

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