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Is Obama pandering to the Latino vote?

Obama seems to be pandering to the Latino vote hardcore in recent weeks.  Now, in an election year, that is a smart thing to do considering the large Latino population in the United States. But it just seems so disingenuous.  In 2008, he stated that immigration reform would be on his priority from day one. That didn’t happen, that didn’t even come close to happening.  Immigration reform was a hot topic of discussion in 2006, -7 and -8, but it seems as though when that wall was being built nobody cared.  Or was it the fact that the economy was going down the tubes and the news media and government didn’t have the time, money, or resources to deal with a problem that the average voter doesn’t see as a problem.  What about the DREAM act? This act would help to pave the way for citizenship for those who came into this country illegally if they are willing to serve in the military or go to university. Congress is blocking this act.  The president is using this as his corner block with the latino population.  Is this a serious tactic or election year politics?  It’s hard to tell anymore.

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