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Chief Justice, a Smarter Republican than We Think

Now, here’s the thing, I think that people like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have it all wrong when it comes to the Obamacare Ruling.  What Justice Roberts did was two-fold,  one he said that bills ordering people what to do is unconstitutional, and two he said that the individual mandate was legal because it was a “tax.”  What does this do, it gives the Republicans more firepower than they would have had if they had struck the law down.  States mandate all of us to have car insurance, or we can face fines and I belive, I don’t feel like googling this, jail time.  The Supreme Court says that the Federal Government cannot do this, but they can tax people who do not have health  insurance for being a strain on our healthcare system.  Now the Republicans have more ammunition, they can call Obama a person who raises taxes , which is horrible in an election year.  Do Americans currently pay a tax for not doing something the federal government tells them to do, yes we do, if you don’t pay your taxes, you pay a tax.  Sure the IRS wants to call it a “fine” but if it looks like a tax, and smells like a tax, it’s a tax.  So Fox and Friendsquit trashing John Roberts for not striking down the “individual mandate” and thank him for giving you ammunition against Obama for the election.  Democrats, time to get thinking about how the majority of individuals hate the individual mandate, figure out how to sell the American people on this idea better.  Everyone knows this is an election year.

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