Ron Paul doesn’t get the delegates he needs

Ron Paul was that other candidate that people kept forgetting about was still in the race for President–until yesterday, that is.  Paul, who had been taking advantage of the delegate system of picking a candidate has officially been pushed out of the race.  Paul had been using states that use caucus systems for picking candidates for President because in most cases there isn’t the “winner take all” system that primary elections have.  For Paul to officially be on the ballot and have the right to speak at the convention, he would have needed a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states. He was only able to obtain 4.

My question is this: is Paul not even being taken as a serious candidate by most? I wonder about that.  Paul has some great ideas that should be listened to, but because he doesn’t have big money backing him up, most will never hear him, or they will all believe he is some sort of “crack pot.”  I wonder where this “liberating” force of the internet is, and when will it “liberate” us from corporate government sponsorship?

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