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11 Important Issues Educators should Follow this Election Year

As a person who believes everything is political, one of my readers sent me this article and asked me to comment on it.  In an election year politicians always want to look like a “good guy” who cares about the poor, children, old people, and veterans.  So Obama will of corse be touting the successes of “Race to the Top,” and Romney I am sure will have his own plan.  Some of the issues that this article discusses is, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Teach Unions, School Vouchers, Common Core State Standards, Educational Spending, Higher Education, state vs Federal Regulation, Charter Schools, Low Graduation Rates, STEM Education, and Minority/ Immigrant students.  All these issues are important and deserve their due so I will take each issue and write a specific article about each of them throughout the next few weeks.  So keep an eye out for them.

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