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Can Your Photos be Used by Others?

Can others use your photos without your permission?

This story is kind of shocking and scary. A gay couple, Brian Edwards and Tom Privetere set up a blog showing photos from their engagement party. The group, Public Advocate of the United States, took their photo from their website, altered it, and began using it to spread anti-gay messages.  Edwards and Privetere’s photographer Kristina Hall, have legal grounds to sue Public Advocate of the United States, and its president Eugene Delgaudio, because these were professional photos taken by a professional photographer. Proffessional photos have a copyright.

What about the average person?  The person who puts their photos on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media?  What are our rights?  I don’t know. I think this is something for people to think about.  It is so easy to just copy and paste and then Photoshop a photo for your liking.  What if the couple hadn’t used a professional photographer?  I think this story has a lot of implications for our 21st-century lifestyle than we think.

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