What are common core state standards?

It is an election year, so everything in education is up for grabs. One of the ideas that is now being politicized is the idea of Common Core State Standard.  As an Army Brat, I can tell you that I moved a lot from state to state and that text books were hardly ever the same and teachers didn’t have the same teaching styles–but there were a few things that one always learned.  One learned their “ABCs and 123s” around the same time–what you learned, at least the basic building blocks are taught at roughly the same time from state to state.  Because of, in my opinion, the Health Care Debate, people, and by people I mean ultra conservatives are calling this socialized education, and want to go back to the day where each state had complete control over its curriculum.  First of all how everything is taught, including the textbooks are still controlled by states or districts.  It seems as though it is better for our nation that one knows that every kid is taught similar things, that we know there isn’t a huge gap in knowledge.  What do you all think?

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