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US Olympic ceremony uniforms are made in China

Yes, it is Olympic season and the fervor of national pride is on the line. I think that Congress’ response was rather ridiculous.  Their outrage, I believe, is correct. Although, I am shocked they had no idea. But the quotes are more funny.

Here’s the story: Basically, Ralph Lauren was given the contract to make the American Opening and Closing Ceremony Uniforms, and he designed beautiful uniforms that are being made in China, where almost all clothing manufacturing is done.  I am happy for this controversy–it is really showing Americans where a great number of our economic problems are.  One of the big reasons why so many Americans are out of work is because there isn’t much manufacturing in the United States.  Alright, let me rephrase that because I am sure someone here will be able to name one or two manufacturing plants in the USA, such as Hugo Boss. But there isn’t a lot, and not many that would be considered very competitive. Hopefully, this shows our Senators and Representatives that we need to fight to restore manufacturing in the USA, and that label needs to become more important to people because, if we were willing to pay a few dollars more for our t-shirts, then maybe there would be more manufacturing jobs in the USA. Just a thought.

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