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Higher education in the United States is extremely robust. While most in Europe have their university tuitions subsidized by tax money, in the US, the cost of education is rising at a substantial rate.  This past March, thousands of protesters were in California fighting for lower tuition and a millionaire tax hike to pay for it.  The protesters argue that a university education is a right that everyone should be able to afford.

Now, is that true?  Is a university education a right or a privilege?

I don’t believe that a university education is a right.  Honestly, I find it to be self-indulgent to think that.  We have the right to life and liberty, but not to a university education.  I feel as though this mentality is devaluing university educations and making them worth less that they were 30 years ago.  Maybe that’s unpopular to think, but I feel as though we, as a society, have become to indulgent and believe that we should be given too much by the government.  I know this may sound strange to say as a person with high student loan debt.  I loved my university experience, but maybe if people wouldn’t constantly have given me free money I would not have left university with such a large amount of debt.

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