Graduation rates in the United States

One of the next great issues for those who may or may not come to power in this election is the US graduation rate. The overall graduation rate in the United States has risen 3.5% from the numbers given in the 2001-09 study, when the US had a 75% graduation rate. What does this say about the US or the current generation of students? In this current economy and job market, for one to get any sort of job one must have credentials and one cannot get any credentials without an education.  You almost cannot become a manager at McDonalds without some sort of higher education.  What can we do as a nation?  Every kid knows they need an education. Why, then, do they drop out?  I think the biggest reason is that students are left behind.  Problems in reading and math are not caught early enough–and kids are frustrated.  People want “an app for that” and want it to be easy–and once they learn that life isn’t that easy they want a way out.  I think there has to be another option for kids who don’t want to go to college and want to gain skills that could lead to a future job and career.  The US needs more options than just testing kids to death.


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