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The Olympic Dream

We will hear constantly for the next two weeks about the “Olympic Dream.” It has really made me think.  As an internationalist watching this great international spectacle, I began thinking about the idea of the Olympics.  The Olympics were revived in 1896 and have been a success ever since.  Watching these Games, one feels a sense of history and pride in one’s nation and athletes.  I believe this is what those original Olympic coordinators were looking for–a way for nations to feel pride in itself off the battlefield.  The “Olympic Dream,” isn’t an American dream or value, it’s a worldwide value.  Yes, America and China have more competitors than most other countries, but every single person has the ability to win a medal for themselves and their country.  I find that beautiful.  We cheer for our own, we cheer for the underdog, we cheer for the winners and the losers.

I know that this post is full of sugar and sweetness, but in all reality, that is what the Olympics are.  The Olympics are a two-week pause for the whole world to root for the best athletes in the world.


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