Confusing the Issues

I sometimes feel that these political debates easily allow us as voters to confuse the issues.  We forget that Mitt Romney was discussing cutting the deficit when all anyone can remember is that he wanted to cut the deficit, and PBS already is mostly funded by private donations anyway.  I think PBS can find a few hundred thousand dollars more from its wealthy backers, especially considering that under the current tax code it’s a huge write off.  I think that people confuse that fact that we are trying to figure out who should lead our nation, not who would make the better internet meme.  I think Mitt Romney wins that contest though.  I enjoy the internet thoroughly.  This race isn’t about memes and sound bites, it’s about what this country stands for.  Do we believe in a country that should provide the basic services for its people, and give these services with a higher tax burden, or do we believe in a country of self-reliance and individualism, where there is a low tax burden but very little government intervention.  I believe that Obama wants to represent the first category, and I am not sure where Romney lies in that spectrum, and that is why I wish these debates and this 24 hour news cycle would stick to the facts, but then again we all love a good, Mitt Romney wants to kill Big Bird internet meme.

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