“Binders full of women”

Now before I catch flak for this–especially since my previous post was about how I was frustrated with Internet memes and that this has become a great new Internet meme–I think this is actually an issue.  Many have seen the “war on women” that was kicked off with the Sandra Fluke birth control issue as an Internet firestorm. Republican women, especially, didn’t see it as affecting them.  This “binders full of women” comment shows otherwise.  To sum up the statement, when asked about female rights and equal protection Mitt Romney stated that he was surprised he wasn’t given more nominees for his cabinet that were women, so he asked for names and was given a “binder full of women.”  Now, there are two parts of this statement that is offensive: First, that this never happened, and two that hiring women was an afterthought to him and shows that he isn’t truly looking for real gender equality.  The best person for any position could be a man or a woman. No matter who it is, he or she should get the same opportunity for the position and receive equal pay.  This comment has definitely made people take a second look at the war on women and I hope make them realize that this does affect them.

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